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We offer customized solutions for all those who want to achieve a beautiful, balanced, healthy and well-defined physique.

Elite Laser Lipo is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to help you succeed.

ServicesWe’ll review your goals and medical history. We’ll explain the technology and tell you if you have a high probability for a successful outcome. Exact measurements with a measuring tape, to monitor inch loss and weight are also routinely taken. (We always measure 3 abdominal measurements, low, mid-level and high, which corresponds with the laser placement on the laser pads, add them together for a Cumulative Measurement.)

i-Lipo treatments involve 4 pads containing the laser diodes placed over the treatment zone with elastic straps.

The treatment is relaxing, pain free and there is no downtime. Exercise post treatment will ensure the complete metabolism and thus elimination of the fatty acids the laser recently removed from the fat cells. Gym wear is optional but recommended. Remember, our staff will need to place the 4 laser paddles and two lymph node stimulators so you will need to remove your outer clothing. Modesty towels will be provided for your comfort.(A loose fitting two piece swim suit for women and similar one piece for men is ideal.)

Only 1 area is treated per course in order to maximize the metabolizing of the fat cells contents. If there is an excess of content in need of being burned off then there is a risk that it will be stored back as fat again.

How many treatments are needed?

It depends on the area to be treated, your weight, metabolism, and your goals. Normal i-Lipo protocol is a 20-minute treatment, followed by a 30- minute cardio workout.
To ensure the most successful outcome: 8 sessions, one every 2-4 days over the course of 4-5 weeks must be committed to. There is no upper limit to the number sessions or number of body locations that may be treated.

Four week series has proven to be the most successful providing maximum slimming and inch loss.
Patients can expect a reduction of 1 – 2 dress sizes over 8 treatments, thus improving the appearance of cellulite over 4-weeks. i-Lipo is best paired with a change in lifestyle, typically just simple diet and exercise. Once a patient has completed a course of treatments they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep their results.

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